Google introduced a click-competitor "Like" - Cell phones

Google introduced a click-competitor Google on Wednesday, March 30, launched the button "1", allowing users to recommend each other page on the Internet. This was reported in the company's official blog. "1" available in test mode next to links in the results of the English-language search In order to start using the button, you have to create a new "public" profile in Google, specifying your name. In the profile will be stored all the links marked "1", and this page does not need to be made available. Originally recommendations are displayed to the user, will be based on the fact that said press "1" friends on Google chat or the user's contacts in Gmail. Representatives of the Corporation noted that perhaps in the future the integration of a system of "1" to the database of sites that are "similar" to Twitter. This will allow us to expand the circle of people, "1" which will be issued during the search. It is worth noting that the popular microblogging service in Google cited as an example of a resource with a social component, but did not promise that the Association was Twitter. The company is confident that the owners of all websites in the future will be to embed a "1" on their pages. If any of the friends of the user pressed the button on a third-party site, it will be noted in the issuance of search results. While Google did not change the order of display of links in the search depending on the number of "1". As noted in the blog of Wired magazine, this was done in order to avoid samarskij cheating. Google is one of the largest Internet companies in the world. It owns the search engine, which is the most popular in the world, as well as YouTube. One of global competitors Google is the social network Facebook, started a few years ago "Like" button with similar functionality. According to some experts, "1" became part of Google's strategy for the destruction of the "monopoly" Facebook exchange "social" information in the network..

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