The first Crysis will appear on consoles - Cell phones

The first Crysis will appear on consoles - Cell phonesThe first person shooter Crysis will be "ported" to the console, according to ESRB rating Agency, on the website which showed a corresponding registration record. The original game came out in 2007, only on PC. At the same time the developers from the Studio Crytek, gesticulating furiously, claimed that Crysis "is physically impossible to produce a low-powered consoles". Time passed on consoles appeared shooter Crysis 2, and soon the first part of the game will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360. Information has already confirm the publishing division of EA Korea. However, the release date, even approximate, publisher until calls. Well, head office EA declined to comment. The plot of the game takes place on a tropical island Lingshan, captured by North Korea. Our group, the direct flight from the United States, find out what is really going on in this x. But is the alien invasion, which will beat. And the army of the North Koreans will also paradim... Prepared according to VG247..

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