VKontakte started the game with Putin and Chapman - Cell phones

VKontakte started the game with Putin and Chapman - Cell phonesThe main characters of a new network game "War" became the Prime Minister and red-headed spy. As told Life News the commercial Director of the company-developer Progrestar Serhiy Dovhan, images of Vladimir Putin and Anna Chapman, who flaunt on the splash screen network applications that were in the game to give a humorous scenario severity. One of the main factors that influenced the choice of developers, became Putin's popularity and Chapman in the Network. - Before starting the project, we conducted a banner of the study was to find out what are the most responsive network users, said Dougan journalist Life News. - As a result learned that these pictures users click more often. Concerns about the illegality of the use of images of famous personalities from Sergei Dougan no. - Our game is strictly non-profit task, so it does not fall under the law on copyright protection, " says Dougan. However, the press service of the head of government are already interested in the new online application. Authors were not contacted us to get permission to use the image of Vladimir Putin, told Life News press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. He added that he hasn't seen the game itself, but in the White house will pay attention to a new Internet application. For players script Voynushki" provides several branches of the armed forces, speed surpassing each other: peasants, swordsmen, cavalry and arrows. The user should increase as the game progresses, the number, so the combat readiness of the army. The players are faced with opponents and get a different job. In addition, in the "War" mode, in which the user can simply observe what is happening. "War" is an online real time strategy military orientation, transition which console platform is not planned. - Our game is intended for distribution in social networks, " said journalist Life News Dougan. - We are already working on the sites Facebook and Email.ru in "My world". To queue FaceBook and Odnoklassniki. The game is not scheduled on a separate website, as an independent project outside of social networks, but in the future it may be decided to run the game on mobile platforms iPhone and Android..

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