A new service allows you to have Cyrillic e-mail - Cell phones

A new service allows you to have Cyrillic e-mail - Cell phonesThe development of the Cyrillic sector of the Russian Internet is no longer limited to sites with addresses that you can write in Russian. In the network of the first service, where you can get the e-mail address written in the Cyrillic alphabet - the Letter.of the Russian Federation. Everyone can register yourself a url of the form evaperator or Vasiliyev. While Cyrillic need to enter not only addresses, passwords on the website too exclusively in Cyrillic. However, the captcha (image obscured by symbols whose input should confirm that the registration box is not a software robot), when you register contained only in Latin characters, the creators of this service showed some inconsistency. I have a service at first refused to work in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, saying with a slight (Cyrillic?) accent: "Your browser (!) does not accept cookies". The second attempt to get into the mailbox managed. The interface looks a bit old fashioned, but made in the Patriotic colours of the Russian flag. It should be noted that while fully use its Cyrillic email address will succeed only if the partners correspondence listed on the letter.RF or other mail service that supports Cyrillic addresses (those not yet known). To the mailbox on the new service could still be used, without waiting for General distribution until that experimental "Cyrillic" technologies e-mail, each user gets together with the "Russian" address equivalent, written in Latin (ivan_petrov@pismorf.com). It is automatically applied for will not understand until Cyrillic mail servers (Mail.Ru, Hotmail.com, Gmail.com and so on).

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