The smallest computer will now fit in the palm - Cell phones

The smallest computer will now fit in the palm - Cell phonesSwiss company Toradex has represented one of the smallest in the world of computers. Despite the size of the corresponding flat pack of cigarettes or a modern mobile phone, the device called xiilum available to almost all functions of "adult" x86 computer architecture. The dimensions of the chassis-the kid is only 6x8,9x1,6 inches. Such impressive results miniaturization achieved through the use of the new chip Intel Atom processor E6xx series. In addition to the Central processor includes a graphics processor, a variety of controllers and other hardware components. The power consumption of the chip when using the 600 mega Hertz range processor is only 2.7 per watt, while a more powerful processor with a frequency of 1.6 GHz is a little less than four watts. Thanks are unnecessary coolers device rather passive cooling provided by die-cast aluminium body. Xiilum equipped with four USB 2.0 ports, video output DVI-D and MicroSD card slot from which to boot the operating system. It is worth noting that the computer is able to work with high definition video up to Full HD inclusive. Although the miniaturization is the lack of inside many of the usual components. For example, the audio system together with a sound card will have to connect via USB, according to Liliputing. In the same way added modems, network equipment, Bluetooth and the like. In conclusion, it remains to add that the pursuit of miniaturization, gave rise to a whole class of compact mini-computers, did not stop and continues to reduce the size of these devices. Recently, in the United States was presented to the DreamPlug computer dimensions HH inches, attached to the socket in the manner of a lamp or the fumigator..

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