Tablet Windows 8 refused in compatibility mode - Cell phones

Tablet Windows 8 refused in compatibility mode - Cell phonesVersion Windows 8 for tablets will not support programs written for Windows 7 and older versions of the OS. This was told by senior Vice President of Intel's Renee James (Renée James) at a meeting of investors of the company held on may 18 in Santa Clara. Words James website reports Channel Register. Microsoft said James, will release version of Windows 8 for computers based on the x86 architecture for mobile devices based on the ARM architecture. The compatibility mode to Windows 7 will be realized only in "computer" versions of OSes. James also said that the version of Windows 8 for the ARM architecture will be four. Each will be tailored to meet the specific chip. It is expected that tablets based on Windows will use ARM chips from Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. Plans to release a version of Windows for the ARM architecture Microsoft said in January 2011 at CES in Las Vegas. Screenshots of Windows 8 appeared online in early April. It follows that the OS will get the "ribbon" interface already used in Microsoft Office programs, and its own app store..

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