Nintendo is preparing to release HD-video - Cell phones

Nintendo is preparing to release HD-video - Cell phonesJapanese Nintendo is developing a video game that can run games at 1080p. "The transition to HD will greatly help Nintendo and its new console to get more expensive multiplatform games class AAA, such as Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat. This, in turn, will strengthen historically bad against Nintendo with third-party publishers and developers," he told Game Informer, citing informed sources. Nintendo will announce a new console later this month, and it will be presented at E3, which will be held in June this year in Los Angeles, says IGN. According to the sources of our HD video will be much more powerful than Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. The publication also reports that the console will get a completely new controller and built-in touchscreen display. Will the new console to maintain backward compatibility with games for the Wii, not specified. It is expected that sales of the new device from Nintendo will start in 2012. In addition, it became known that on may 15 the price of the Wii will drop to $ 150 in the US. The tehnobloga assume that Nintendo plans to quickly get rid of the previous consoles before the announcement of the new device..

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