LiveJournal has reflected new powerful DDoS-attack - Cell phones

LiveJournal has reflected new powerful DDoS-attack - Cell phonesLiveJournal has been a new series of DDoS attacks, but technical services was able to reflect. About this, the press service of LiveJournal said the evening of 3 may. "The last few days LiveJournal really is periodically under the influence of DDoS attacks, but we don't announce them regularly, because administrators promptly reflect them. However, some attacks are still at a higher power - and while the team eliminates the situation, the service may not work correctly for some users," - said the head of LiveJournal Russia Svetlana Ivannikova. This Ivannikova noted that, in General, LiveJournal operates "without difficulty". The most powerful DDoS attacks, which led to the disruption LJ, occurred on March 30, and 4 and 6 April 2011. In the days that followed the attacks continued, but the technical service LiveJournal managed to cope with the incoming stream of malicious requests, and the service worked quite steadily. April 22 administration LiveJournal gave the paid service users, two weeks paid time to compensate for instability in the period of DDoS attacks. Attacks on LiveJournal condemned the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, as well as many public policy, including Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. According to him, from hacker attacks suffer as Internet resources, and leadership: first see hackers "the machinations of the authorities, the FSB, the presidential administration, the CIA and the government "does not know how to react to this, and doesn't want to be criticized in that it clamps". Medvedev has also advised the management LiveJournal to consult about attacks from hackers with the specialists of the "K" of the interior Ministry..

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