Nintendo has officially confirmed the development of a new console - Cell phones

Nintendo has officially confirmed the development of a new console - Cell phonesThe company Nintendo has officially announced that it will reveal new console at E3 and plans to release it in 2012. About this Nintendo said in its press release, distributed to journalists. The new console, according to the company, will be presented on June 7-9 at E3, taking place in the United States. Rumors about a new game system from Nintendo's long run in the gaming community. The current Nintendo Wii is technically less productive than its competitors Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In this regard, in 2010 the pace of its sales dropped (on the background of the increasing rate of competitors). The next generation console is codenamed Project Cafe. Talking about it numerous sources among game developers, which has provided the opportunity to familiarize themselves with it. Recently at the disposal of journalists got the information about the possible specifications of the new console. According to her, in Project Cafe uses a processor from IBM, similar in characteristics to those in the Xbox 360 and the graphics chip from AMD (ATI) - series R700 Shader model 4.1 and a clock frequency higher than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. One of the key features of Project Cafe will be the controller, which will be built in screen, receiving the image from the console. The main function according to experts, will be able to play with it without the TV, even when you are in another room. At the time of writing the news appeared on the Internet pictures of the new console from Nintendo, the authenticity of which is not yet confirmed. While the pictured device is exactly the same as the circuit previously fallen into the hands of journalists from one of the game developer of video games..

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