New rootkit makes Windows unusable - Cell phones

New rootkit makes Windows unusable - Cell phonesMicrosoft has issued an official warning to all users of its products that in the coming days, expect activate a new rootkit. He is known by the name Popureb and dangerous that modifies the contents of the boot sector of Windows, due to which it becomes "invisible" standard anti-virus. Coming to PC, rootkit monitors specific operating system commands associated with the operation of the boot sector. After determining his whereabouts, he prescribes your files there so that they are loaded simultaneously with the primary drivers before start the main Windows. Because of this, it is almost impossible to track the standard means. The only solution is to update the MBR using the installation disk with the OS or completely reinstall it. The first and second procedure may cause some difficulties for some users, so they are advised to be alert and do not visit questionable sites. And also stock the license disk with Windows..

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