Russia took the 77 th place in the ranking of the IT - Cell phones

Russia took the 77 th place in the ranking of the IT - Cell phonesRussia took the 77 th place in the ranking of the development of information technology prepared by analysts of the world economic forum (WEF). This was reported by "Kommersant". The list includes 138 countries (last year a similar ranking compiled by the WEF, covered 133 state). The first line, like a year ago, is Sweden. On the ground, second, third and fifth were Singapore (the result is the same as a year ago), Finland (the country has moved up in the rankings on three lines), Switzerland and the USA (both States retained its position). Russia in comparison with the previous year also rose by three lines (however, it is worth noting that two years earlier the country was ranked 74th place). The strengths of the Russian Federation, experts consider enabling environment for the development of infrastructure for information and communication technologies (ICT) and the willingness of the population to use these technologies. At the same time, an undeveloped market and weak legislation preventing Russia to rise in the ranking above. In addition, the specialists claim that business and the public sector in Russia is not yet sufficiently prepared for development and use of ICT. Rating development of information technology analysts compiled annually by the WEF and INSEAD business school. In its production accounted for dozens of parameters. The new Global information technology report, which is included and referred to the rating, can be downloaded from the WEF website..

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