In Ukraine of "Monopoly" made a simulator elections - Cell phones

In Ukraine of Ukraine released the game "re-Election" - similar to the classic "Monopoly", according to "Today". The player's task is receiving votes (by including bribery), to be held in the Parliament more of "their" deputies. "There are two circles," explains one of the creators of the game Michael Bald. On an external earn money by buying companies, and spend them in the inner circle - there 25 alcentra of Ukraine, from which we get the electorate. The game allows you to get the electorate in different ways. You can bribe the students (40 thousand votes for 500 thousand UAH) or, for example, to build a Parking lot (this will give 140 thousand votes). You can receive the money is also different: it is possible, in particular, to capture foreign companies (for this purpose there are chips"raiders"). There are other possibilities: for example, during the game, the participant can take the card "Provocation" and read, for example, the following: "You said about a nonexistent epidemic of the flu, get the money from the sales gauze bandages - two million". In addition to the chips-"raiders" in the game there are also special pieces-"the godfather", which should be put on the enterprise or on the mayors. The game "re-Election" is sold at a price of 470 UAH (about $ 60)..

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