Apple updates iOS only autumn - Cell phones

Apple updates iOS only autumn - Cell phonesThe release of a new version of an operating system for mobile devices, iOS 5 has been delayed: the platform will be updated only in the autumn of this year, writes TechCrunch, citing its own sources. This step is not typical for Apple: normally, the Corporation announced an update to its mobile platform in the spring, before the announcement of a new "incarnation" of the iPhone. The our suggests that Apple will talk about iOS 5 at the conference Worldwide Developers Conference 2011 (WWDC), which will be held from 5 to 9 June, and the presentation of the updated platform will take place in autumn. According to rumors, the "five" will be completely redesigned taking into account the "cloud" technologies - in particular, the platform will be integrated music service that allows you to gain wireless access to the tracks bought from the iTunes store without synchronizing with your computer. In addition, in the new "Apple" devices are expected to support and geolocation service. However, the delay in the release of iOS 5 (and, hence, iPhone 5) analyst at FBR Capital Markets Crash Berger said at the end of February. He noted that the next "iPhone" is unlikely to expect in July of this year, as leading manufacturers of chips at that time had not received the order for the Assembly of the smartphone. Berger suggested that this year Apple will deviate from the traditional schedule and will release iPhone 5 in September. The next generation iPhone will get a new dual core A5 processor, improved graphics engine and wireless technology NFC. It is assumed that the back surface of the new smartphone will be aluminum (as in the first "iPhone", released in 2007), not glass. This will make the casing more durable and easy, and will help to avoid scratches..

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