Sale SOCOM 4 will start in April - Cell phones

Sale SOCOM 4 will start in April - Cell phonesAfter several release date fate tactical third person shooter SOCOM 4 have finally decided: the game will be released in April, S. Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced that its subsidiary developer Studio Zipper slowly but surely brings the project to the outcome. The exact date SCE promises to call closer to release. The game will remind, will appear only on the PS3 console. The story is set in China, which is sent combat team special purpose, consisting of five people. NATO has instructed us, Americans and South Koreans, learn all about the revolutionary organization "Naked". For six days the squad will have to find all members of the organization. And, of course, to send to hell. Emphasis will be placed on the tactical passing, that is, you need to consider actions to deal subordinate competent orders, to regroup and to portray a false retreat..

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