Car gadget will allow you to communicate in Facebook and Twitter - Cell phones

Car gadget will allow you to communicate in Facebook and Twitter - Cell phonesThe Super Tooth HD app SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant will allow drivers to receive updates and send text messages in Facebook and Twitter, as well as to communicate via e-mail and SMS, not letting go of the steering wheel from his hands. "It was our Gizmag. Super Tooth HD is attached to the sun visor in the car. It has two microphone to record voice commands, a 5.4-watt amplifier and two speakers. The gadget connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It is compatible with all modern smartphones and other phones that support Bluetooth technology. The application SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant to work with social Internet services such as Facebook and Twitter at the moment is only compatible with Android and BlackBerry smartphones. It is based on the technology of voice control Dial2Do. The manufacturer of the gadget French company SuperTooth will sell SuperTooth HD since April 2011. In the US, the gadget will be sold at the price of $ 129. In many countries at the moment, drivers are forbidden to use mobile phones while driving to send SMS. The use of such devices will provide users with the ability to receive and send messages without being distracted from driving..

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