Created super efficient fiber-optic cables - Cell phones

Created super efficient fiber-optic cables - Cell phonesNew variant of fiber-optic cable was developed by a team of technical specialists from the University of Pennsylvania. The new version has a core of zinc selenide connection that can be used as the conductor. Lasers used for detection of contaminants and explosives, is one of the main areas where new development. In modern networks have already become accustomed to the use of optical fibers for data transmission. Using glass kernel now produce almost all fibers, but glass is a hindrance to the spread of the light rays. According to Professor of chemistry John Badding, the effectiveness of new fibers are particularly high when the light beam passes in the infrared spectrum. A group of researchers found that in the two directions can be useful optical fiber that is created from zinc selenide. First, from one range to another, they efficiently convert light. Secondly, as with infrared rays, and the light in the visible range of the new fiber is able to work with great efficiency. The most amazing is the use of waves of infrared radiation range, being able to bring the fiber to be used in the form of search of contaminants, different toxic compounds in the atmosphere, as transport for the infrared laser used in radar technology..

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