The release of Dead Block will take place in July - Cell phones

The release of Dead Block will take place in July - Cell phonesGame Dead Block will be released in July, according to the publisher Digital Reality. The project, developed by Studio Candygun Games will appear on July 6 in the console network, Xbox Live Arcade and 20th on PlayStation Network. Release on PC will also take place, but when. The developers have positioned the game as "an ironic action-strategy from a third party". You need to repel the zombie hordes, attacking us from all sides. To fight back we will be using a whole Arsenal of weapons and cunning traps. "Because of the rock-n-roll civilians turned into crazy, hungry for the flesh of the monsters," says essence of the guys from Candygun Games. In a hard struggle entered a simple rednecky: bold boy scout Mike, working Jack and kontrolera Parking foxy Jones (probably copied from Laverne hooks from "Police Academy"). At the disposal of the Trinity - set single-player missions and some multiplayer co-op jobs..

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