Telltale Games took on "Law and order" - Cell phones

Telltale Games took on California Studio Telltale Games is working on another questoin series: a game based on the police and legal television series Law & Order: LA. Watching this Saga almost personally acquainted with a senior Deputy district attorney Ricardo Morales and Junior detective Tomas "TJ" Jaruzelski. On behalf of these heroes and will be supplied to the story. The details of history while hidden, but it is clear that it is necessary to investigate the crimes. The television series Law & Order: LA talks about all the stages of catching the offender, starting with a search for evidence and determine the motives and ending accusatory speeches in court. All this Telltale promises detail to recreate that players felt "participants" series. We will also examine witnesses, to prepare the evidence base and to act in a judicial presence. While we only know about the PC version of the game. The release should take place towards the end of 2011". By the way, it turns out that Telltale Games together with the announced project is working simultaneously on eight games: Law & Order: LA, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Puzzle Agent 2, The Walking Dead, Fables, Hector: Badge of Carnage and Kings Quest..

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