Smartphones on Windows Phone 7 will replace credit cards Cell phones

Smartphones on Windows Phone 7 will replace credit cards Cell phonesWindows Phone 7 will support NFC technology, designed to turn the phone into a means of payment for goods and services. The function appears in the new version of the software platform, most likely together with the Mango update, the release of which is scheduled for the second half of 2011. It is not excluded, that the main partner of Microsoft for the promotion of NFC will be the Finnish Nokia. The company has repeatedly stated that it intends to pay attention to the production of smartphones to feature the implementation of contactless payments. About two years ago, she even offered phones with NFC support, but due to the lack of infrastructure in these devices has not caught on in the market. NFC supports the latest version of the Android operating system. According to unofficial information, the possibility of contactless payments are also interested in Apple. Market experts say that in the course of 2011 in the world will be sold about 35 million NFC-enabled, and the following year this figure will be doubled. In conclusion, currently available on the market a small number of NFC-enabled handsets. Manufacturers are not too much of a hurry to install the appropriate chip, as long as there is no developed infrastructure..

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