Akella is preparing to release the game "Painkiller: Redemption" - Cell phones

Akella is preparing to release the game The company "Akella" signed an agreement on the publication in Russia of the first person shooter "Painkiller: Redemption" (original Painkiller: Redemption). The project will be released on PC in the first quarter, More than the exact date will be called after the completion of localization". The game was developed by Studio Homegrown Games, foreign publisher call JoWooD. Recall that initially the project was created as a free mod for shooter Painkiller, but over time he managed to turn into a standalone product. "Only two heroes can save Heaven from total destruction: Daniel and the demon Belial should unite and put an end to the epic conflict between Heaven and Hell", Murzilki pump publishers. A certain lady of the Abyss lifted dark forces in a decisive battle, and only we have the strength... in short, it's a real bloodbath: "On one card can be up to thousands of monsters, and all of them must be destroyed". Just promised six global maps filled with otherworldly creatures..

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