Yandex.The map was enlarged views of four cities - Cell phones

Yandex.The map was enlarged views of four cities - Cell phonesThe service developers Yandex.Card announced the addition of panoramic photos of the streets for four major settlements: capital of Kazakhstan - Astana and three Russian cities of Vladimir, Suzdal and Naberezhnye Chelny. Now users of the map service layer including Panorama, you can see detailed images of the streets mentioned cities and move around it, as on a walk. Option a panoramic view of the city streets appeared in Yandex.Maps in September 2009. Initially in the project database were represented only by the streets and highways of Moscow, but then the service went beyond Moscow and Russia. Currently, users of the map service available panorama 99 cities. In addition to panoramas on Yandex.Maps you can see a detailed layout of the city, to find his house on satellite images, to look at the metro map or road junctions. Search organizations and map pockets..

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