Microsoft promises to support the manufacturers of the tablet - Cell phones

Microsoft promises to support the manufacturers of the tablet - Cell phonesAccording to Taiwanese sources of the environment producers of touch panels and laptops, Microsoft is currently in active negotiations with several companies engaged in the production of smartphones and laptops. Purpose of the meeting was the launch of tablet products based on Windows, with software giant promises wide financial and technical assistance. It is reported that Hewlett-Packard (HP), which promotes its own mobile operating system webOS, ready to introduce a tablet PC-based OS of Microsoft Corporation in September or October. The production of these products will be produced at the facilities of Inventec. Sources also indicate that the tablets using a new Microsoft operating system, which is designed specifically for use in such products will begin to appear in the supply chain in the third quarter of the current year. Given the fact that most modern tablets controlled by the icons, Microsoft's new interface for its OS, reportedly focuses on the larger icons. In the last quarter of 2010 iPad sales reached an impressive level of 7,33 million units, which represented approximately 12% of the mobile market, including tablets, laptops, and netbooks (portable computers were sold during the same quarter 54 million). In addition, the first quarter of the current year began massive expansion of Android tablets on the market. Under these conditions, Microsoft will need to act very aggressively, speeding up the development of appropriate products for the tablet market, which she tries to do. Microsoft is facing in the present with what is now on the market of smartphones and tablets, its share has been steadily declining. Therefore, the company decided to offer among other things and financial assistance to producers to develop tablets based on its new OS. After HP has expressed readiness to launch products based on the new tablet OS Microsoft, it is expected that many other players will follow suit. What is this "optimized for tablets version of Windows", it is not yet clear. Perhaps this is a lightweight Windows 7 with a special interface for touch controls? Taiwanese sources claim that Microsoft is likely to release Windows 8 with support for ARM platforms not in 2012, as anticipated, and already in the second half of the current year. That would be a strong step. Look, whether justified this assumption..

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