Journalists saw the digital home of the future Cell phones

Journalists saw the digital home of the future Cell phonesJournalists American TV Channel 9 presented a video tour of the Microsoft Home - working prototype "digital home of the future, built in the headquarters of the Corporation in Redmond. House of the future, I think Microsoft will be able to talk, to monitor the health of residents, to recall the medication, give tips on how to dress, suggest recipes, as well as to help virtually visit an art exhibition or a variety of stores. In one word, solid invali, mobile computing, human-oriented computing and cloud computing. Microsoft Home presents a special touch pad, which can interact with the mobile device, it is enough to put him there. In particular, the panel can be put wrist watch that store and transmit information about the health of the owner. It is also possible to look at this panel. In the design of the house used many different screens. They work as digital photo frames, and as an interactive control panel, and on the walls instead of Wallpaper can be placed flat image, including, and moving, and change them at will. In the middle of the room hangs a large screen that can be used as a multimedia entertainment and information center. In Microsoft project Home used many innovative solutions in bulk available today, but still too expensive. So, as I believe, a similar level of technology development and, most importantly, any extensive use will be achieved approximately by the year 2025. In addition, a prototype home of the future also gives to understand what technology is and in what direction is going to develop the software giant itself in the next 10 - 15 years..

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