Rumors about the failure of Windows Phone exaggerated - Cell phones

Rumors about the failure of Windows Phone exaggerated - Cell phonesMicrosoft recently published quarterly financial report. This document gave rise analysts to speak about the complete failure of Windows Phone 7 worldwide. No sooner do? The Failure Of Windows Phone 7 Famous it-journalist Eldar Multinucleoside that on the mobile front, Microsoft has nothing to boast of. And phone makers and operators are unhappy with the sales of devices with Windows Phone 7. Phones with Windows Phone 7 long stay on the shelves of stores, and the share of manufactured but not sold devices continues to grow. The facts are these: the platform is not popular, and perhaps the situation will change in the near future. Will soon begin the second half, and there to the 2012 close. By the time the market, most likely, there will be Windows Phone 8. Manufacturers will not bet on the current generation of mobile OS, and will wait for the next one. Will Windows Phone 8 successful predecessor? It depends on the policy of the Corporation. Now Microsoft is trying to squeeze into the niche of expensive phones, where the ball is ruled by iOS and Android, and hesitate average price segment, although it is a new platform to promote is much easier. Nokia While marketing policy Microsoft does not change. The company recently signed an agreement with Nokia, which is also experiencing serious difficulties in the segment of expensive smartphones. This is a very strong step to promote Windows Phone using karamanogullari manufacturer. It is possible that the partnership will eventually become something more. In the upper price segment, Nokia is now focused only on Microsoft (one announced the device on MeeGo does not count), and Symbian development was outsourced. I cannot get rid of a crazy idea that the restructuring of Nokia is preparing to sell the company. However, it is possible to purchase Microsoft "smart phone" part of the Finnish manufacturer still relates to the field unscientific fiction, we are also interested in things mundane. For example, whether running Windows Phone devices Nokia is more popular than smartphones on Symbian? Obviously, Microsoft has created a modern mobile OS, but whether this is enough for success?The platform itself is nobody cares. The example of Apple and Google clearly shows that the accompanying infrastructure (content, applications and services) is more important. Nokia and Microsoft have everything necessary to quickly develop the necessary infrastructure. This will give Windows Phone a real chance to gain a foothold in the market. RIM Another important device for business. Here Microsoft has an initial advantage over competitors - it infrastructure of many customers is built on the products of the Corporation, and therefore integrate it mobile solutions Microsoft is a lot easier than, say, Apple or Google. Main question: whether in Redmond to play this trump card? In this sense it is the news of the agreement between Microsoft and RIM (in the USA this manufacturer is a leader in the business segment). The first stage of the agreement means that the integration services Microsoft Bing BlackBerry smartphones. In the future, the cooperation will be expanded, and for devices of the canadian manufacturer will be available cloud-based Microsoft Office 365. It is clear that the services of the Corporation will be integrated with its own mobile platform and various corporate Microsoft products. Conclusions To speak about the complete failure of the Microsoft mobile platform yet. A Corporation has all the chances to improve the situation and to find their place in the world Post-PC. To do this, she is loyal, a device manufacturer (Nokia) and the opportunity to develop the necessary infrastructure. If the Corporation will change its policy and deal with the mid-price segment, the process of promoting Windows Phone to the masses greatly accelerated. But this is unlikely. Rather, Microsoft will focus on expensive devices and the corporate sector. It is the direction in Redmond will not miss..

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