LiveJournal reported on the effects of the most powerful attacks - Cell phones

LiveJournal reported on the effects of the most powerful attacks - Cell phonesAdministration LiveJournal has published more powerful DDoS attack in the history of the resource, which blogohostinga suffered in the second half of the day on March 30. Post on this subject was written by Director of product development SUP Ilya Dronov. According to Dronov, DDoS attack started at about 16:00 and ended just after midnight. System Load Balancer responsible for the distribution of incoming load across servers LiveJournal, was treated with about 1.2 million concurrent connections at the weighted average rate of 50,000 compounds. Living magazine had to serve ten times more requests than usual, and "give" to 2 gigabits of traffic per second instead of the usual 400 megabits. "For while we struggled with the attack, we managed to organize it, to distinguish malicious traffic from normal, which ultimately gave us the possibility to partially cut off and restore the performance of the system," wrote drones. He noted that the technical services had "temporarily cut off indexing LJ various search engines, that currently causes delays in the emergence of fresh entries in the search results, but promised that it will be fixed in a day. Also drones laid out map 1 000 randomly selected attacking systems", according to which server used by attackers were located in India, Pakistan, China, Yemen, South Korea, Japan and countries of the former USSR. In the evening of 30 March, the head of LiveJournal Russia Svetlana Ivannikova stated that "the attack of a similar capacity happens for the first time in the history of LiveJournal". She also denied rumors that the addressees of the attack was a "known person", in particular the most popular political blogger Runet and founder of the anti-corruption project "Painting" Alexei Navalny. LiveJournal is the largest blogohostinga in Runet. The Cyrillic part LJ registered about 4 million accounts. The monthly audience of LiveJournal in Russia is more than 20 million people..

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