Microsoft has accused Google's monopolization of the search - Cell phones

Microsoft has accused Google's monopolization of the search - Cell phonesMicrosoft, the developer of the search engine, Bing, has accused Google's monopolization of the search market, by submitting a formal complaint to the European Commission, according to the company's official blog. According to Microsoft, Google intentionally enjoys a leading market position in harm to other search engines. In particular, it is noted that incorrect Google indexes the websites of their competitors and deliberately distorts the SERPs. Also Google accused the company does not provide competing search engines access to internal services, such as YouTube, which prevents properly index their content. As a result, according to Microsoft, a rival search engines can not fully display links to content on Google services, which leads to an outflow of users. The Microsoft complaint will become part of the ongoing investigation against Google, initiated in 2010. Then the accusations against leading search engine has put forward three European companies, one of which belongs to Microsoft. Preliminary antitrust investigation of the European Commission against Google was launched in February 2010. In November it became known that the anti-monopoly began a thorough investigation, seeing in action Google signs of unfair competition..

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