The hacker made a "jailbreak" iPad 2 - Cell phones

The hacker made a Hacker, hiding under the pseudonym Comex, has been hacked (the so-called "jailbreak" iPad 2. He confirmed this picture, posted on Yfrog photo. The photo shows that iPad 2 white case launched the app store, Cydia is an alternative to the official iTunes store. Access to this resource for users of tablets Apple failed hacking, is closed. A video confirming that Comex really hacked iPad, you can see here. Meanwhile, the hacker does not have a published instrument for carrying out this procedure in the public domain. Comex hacked iPad, which works on the basis of a new version of iOS 4.3, which was released before the release of the Apple tablet. Currently does not specify if he was using to crack previously known or any new vulnerability of the operating system. The iPad went on sale in the US on March 11. According to analysts, for the first weekend were sold from 400 thousand to one million units. Apple has not led to official data on sales of the tablet..

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