The start of sales of the new reader from PocketBook International Cell phones

The start of sales of the new reader from PocketBook International Cell phonesInternational company PocketBook International announces the launch of the Russian sales of devices for reading electronic books PocketBook Pro 603 and 903. Models belong to the premium class, as are the maximum possible for the reader functionality: inductive touch screen E-Ink Vizplex third generation with a diagonal of 6 and 9.7 inch, respectively, and a full set of modules for wireless communication: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G. The same set is implemented in all modern flagship smartphones and tablet computers. PocketBook Pro 603 and 903 is the first and only in the Russian market of readers with all these wireless interfaces. Another feature of the new readers - the "fast" hardware platform with a 533 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM, providing a twofold increase in speed of opening documents in comparison with the average E-Ink readers available to Russian consumers. International PocketBook International company, leader on the Russian market of devices for reading electronic books (market share in 2010 - about 40% ), announces the start of sales in Russia reader PocketBook Pro 603 and 903. Novelties are the improved versions of the models PocketBook Pro 602 and 902, released in February of this year. Features of the new models from its predecessors - the touch screen and 3G modules. PocketBook Pro 603 - classic reader with 6-inch display. PocketBook Pro 903 is classified as "electronic Newspapers", has a screen with a diagonal of 9.7 inches. Both models are fitted with displays based on E-Ink Vizplex (e-ink) of the third generation. The advantages of E-Ink technology - security to view and more comfortable reading, due to the absence of twinkling lights, problems with viewing angles or sun glare on the screen. E-readers based on E-link can be read even in the most Sunny day. Another advantage of this technology - long battery life: the device consumes power only when changing the image on the screen to display static images, virtually no energy is consumed. Feature models PocketBook Pro 603 and 903 screens equipped with inductive touch panel that allows you to control your devices and make handwritten notes with the included stylus. The specificity of the majority of modern readers with E-Ink screens - low speed: and e-books, and individual menu items appear with a significant (several seconds) delays. Application in the PocketBook Pro 603 and 903 new hardware platform with Samsung processor speed 533 MHz vs. 400 MHz for the "average" reader) and 256 MB of RAM (versus 64/128 most devices of this type) allowed to increase the device speed is almost doubled if the average reader with E-Ink screen spends on the opening of "the Master and Margarita" in FB2 format for at least 10 seconds, then PocketBook Pro 603 and 903 cope with this task at least twice as fast - about 4-5 seconds. Flipping pages is the average for the second-half against three seconds the reader with touch screen E-Ink value 8 or 14 thousand rubles (for 6 - and 9-inch models, respectively). New PocketBook Pro 603 and 903 provides a full set of wireless interfaces for Internet - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G (UMTS/HSDPA). The PocketBook is the only reader that supports all three of the above method of wireless data transmission. In some models, available on the Russian market, there are Wi-Fi adapter. The 3G module is not equipped with virtually any model from officially represented on the Russian market . Bluetooth adapters no reader of other brands are not yet equipped. The first reader with Bluetooth module was also the product PocketBook International - PocketBook 302 Cookie 2010 release. The Bluetooth module can be used for sharing files with compatible devices and access to the Internet via a mobile phone. Module UMTS/HSDPA (3G) supports SIM cards of all Russian mobile operators. Software inside the device includes a web browser. Some devices PocketBook Pro 603 and 903 (limited series) equipped with a SIM card operator "MegaFon" free traffic to access corporate e-library-catalogue PocketBook - In case of using this SIM card payments should only be purchased by the user of the book. Thus, classics available for free. PocketBook Pro 603 and 903 support 13 document formats: Docx, FB2, "FB2.ZIP", TXT, PDF, DJVU, RTF, HTML, PRC (mobi), CHM, EPUB, DOC, TCR . Also, the device can display images in JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIFF, and equipped with a music player that supports MP3 format. The device is equipped with speakers, a 3.5-mm jacks for headphones and a slot for flash cards format MicroSD. Supports Text-To-Speech - voice voice documents in 26 languages. This function basically converts a text file into an audiobook. To store content provided by the drives of 2 GB. The software part of new models includes 44 ABBYY Lingvo dictionary in different languages, which allows to translate words right in the text while reading. On one charge the battery holder PocketBook Pro 603 can read up to 14 thousand pages, and PocketBook Pro 602 - to 7 thousand (respectively two and one month without recharging if the average duration of reading two hours a day). Both models are available in a single colour - light grey. The rear panel of readers made of metal. The cost PocketBook Pro 603 - 13 200 rubles, and PocketBook Pro 903 - 19 800 rubles. The package includes a USB cable, pouch, warranty card and quick start guide in 26 languages. New "fast" hardware platform, touchscreen and full range of wireless modules can be attributed to the PocketBook Pro 603 and 903 to premium class of devices for reading electronic books readers with the maximum possible functionality. Below is a comparison of the characteristics of PocketBook Pro 603 and 903 and the characteristics of the average reader, available on the Russian market: PocketBook Pro any reader with 6-inch touch экраномPocketBook Pro any reader with 9-inch touch cranemore ecran inches E-Ink Vizplex third generation 600 by 800 pixels touch inductively inches E-Ink Vizplex second/third generation 600 by 800 pixels sensory,7 inch E-Ink Vizplex third generation 1200 825 points touch inductively,7 inch E-Ink Vizplex second/third generation 1024 by 768 pixels сенсорныйПроцессорSamsung 533 Mccranie processors 400 МГцSamsung 533 Mccranie processors 400 Copertina pamyati MB/128 MB MB/128 Mustana memory 2 GB GB GB of Gbsat microSDЕсть There Is Wi-FiЕстьВ individual modelagent separate моделяхBluetoothЕстьНетНетНет3GЕстьв most namestnichestvo to online biblioteket: (XX thousand paid books free online library)Netest: (XX thousand paid books free online library)Nedney in komplektai books in Palatine books in памятиНетText-To-SpeechДа, 26 asicanada, 26 easyconnection slovari of slavary ABBYY LingvoНет44 of slavary ABBYY LingvoНетКорпусПластик Metalloplastic МеталлПластикСборкаFoxconn, N1 in the world of contract electronics manufacturer (collects the Apple iPhone and iPad)Chinese factory second эшелонаFoxconn, N1 in the world of contract electronics manufacturer (assembles Apple's iPhones and iPads)Chinese factory second echelonized thousand rubles-9 thousand rubles 800 thousand rubles.

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