In Facebook you can play Civilization - Cell phones

In Facebook you can play Civilization - Cell phonesGame Civilization will appear in the social network Facebook application Civ World. This was reported by the CNN website. The official release is scheduled for summer 2011. Game mechanics Civ World will fully comply with the other games in the series, but it will also use the functionality of the social network. In this regard, the main focus during the development of the game was made for multiplayer mode and the possibility of communication between the players, said the Creator of the series Led Meer. Players will be divided into teams that will be able to manage the development of civilizations. Most of the team will be up to 200 users. The Civilization series is one of the most popular computer games in the last 30 years. All were released more than 10 games since 1991. With the first part of the development of the game deals Led Meer. Civilization is a turn-based strategy, which aims the development of a single civilization from caveman times to the era of cosmic expansion. Sales Civilization series exceed 9 million copies..

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