Online shooter Team Fortress 2 became free - Cell phones

Online shooter Team Fortress 2 became free - Cell phonesValve made online shooter Team Fortress 2 is free. Now anyone (even an illiterate "Spartak" fan!) can download the game, simply by logging into the Steam system (fan, who is Steam, DSSósieve with a neighbor). In the middle of last week Valve has opened Steam special section for distribution of free games, but then there was only MMO games of other developers. Then the developers have said that themselves are not averse to release something good for everyone. And here is the result. Those who have not heard of Team Fortress 2, explain that the game is never required no monthly fees, but, like any sane product was distributed for money. With the release of a special Supplement Über Update you can no longer buy. In addition, the game will add an offline training mode for beginners, weapons and a new map. To earn grip Valve will be on the microtransactions - payment of additional items in-game store. Novices, by the way, we are faced here with a few restrictions: less slots in the inventory and some trading limits..

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