"Yandex" has launched an online text translator - Cell phones

The company "Yandex" has launched a service for translating text and web pages "Yandex.Translation" based on your own machine translation system. This was reported in the press release received by the editors "Tape.ru". Machine translation based on statistical data. Considering the context, it selects the most appropriate in the specific case of translations. Statistics are gathered on the basis of the analysis of the set of translated texts and their originals. The head of the service "Yandex.Translation of" Alexey Bitin recognized that to compare machine translation of literary text it is impossible, however, if the user just need to understand the basic meaning of the text, this is the most convenient option. "For example, he wants to read reviews about foreign hotels or news in the foreign media. Online translator will easily help to do it. In addition to the translation, he will spend only a few seconds," he cited the example of Beitin. In the beta version of Yandex.The translation uses Russian, English and Ukrainian languages. Texts in Russian can be translated into Ukrainian and English texts in Ukrainian - English and English - Russian. For example, the phrase "Head of service "Yandex.Translation of" Alexey Bitin recognizes that compare machine translation of literary text cannot be" translated into Ukrainian using translate.yandex.ru sounds like "Travnik serves "Yandex.translation" One of Beitin curvature¦ scho porownywanie masini preklad text C literaturnyi not possible" and in English "The head of the service "Yandex.translation of" Tony Bitin recognizes, that to compare the machine translation of the text with the literary cannot be". The company "Yandex" has the eponymous search engine, which is the most popular in Russia. According to Liveinternet in January 2011, through Yandex has held 65 percent of all search queries on the Internet. In addition, according to comScore in the fall of 2009, the Russian search engine has ranked seventh in the world in the number of search queries (1.892 billion queries for December 2009)..

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