Release Tropico 4 is postponed Cell phones

Release Tropico 4 is postponed Cell phonesTown-planning simulator Tropico 4, painting weekdays dictator of a banana Republic, delayed release, reported German publisher Kalypso Media. In August 2010, the game was announced for PC; in early February Kalypso told about the plans for the project's port on the Xbox 360. The release was supposed to take place before the end of the second quarter, but that, alas, has gone wrong, and the Studio Haemimont Games, developing new product, it took additional time. In General, the production moved to August. Tropico 4 will present the single-player campaign, which consists of twenty missions scattered around ten tropical Islands. The project will grow with new buildings, a fresh economic model, as well as various plot events like disasters and natural disasters. In the PC version promises to add support social platforms Facebook and Twitter..

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