Winners of the BAFTA Games Awards 2011 - Cell phones

Winners of the BAFTA Games Awards 2011 - Cell phonesThe British Academy of film and television (British Academy of Film and Television Arts, BAFTA) was named the best games of 2010. Yesterday, March 16, held in London awards BAFTA Games Awards 2011. The best game was action-RPG Mass Effect 2 (BioWare / Electronic Arts), released in January 2010. Most awards gathered interactive drama Heavy Rain, developed by the Studio Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment at the end of last February. Detective story, in the centre of which is a mysterious origami killer, was awarded three prizes for "technical excellence", "best story" and "original music". Best shooter version BAFTA was the game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the best strategy - Civilization V, and the best sports simulator - F1 2010. A full list of games the winning looks like this: Best action game - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Best family game - Kinect Sports Technical excellence - Heavy Rain Social-network game - My Empire The best scale - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 The best "pocket" game - Cut the Rope Game Award - Call of Duty: Black Ops Best original music - Heavy Rain The best strategy - Civilization V Artistic achievement - God of War 3 Ones to Watch - the twang! Best gameplay - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Best sports game - F1 2010 Best multiplayer Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Best story - Heavy Rain Best game - Mass Effect 2 In addition, it became known that BAFTA has accepted in the ranks of legendary game designer Peter Molyneux (Peter Molyneux), author of games Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, Fable..

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