"VKontakte" updated "My meetings" on the model of Facebook - Cell phones

Social network "Vkontakte" radically updated the "My meetings". This was announced on his blog the CEO of Vkontakte Pavel Durov. Durov has identified the "most useful", in his opinion, new opportunities. In particular, the organizers now available at informing the participants of the meetings messages on behalf of the meeting will automatically be published in the news users. Also agreed to meet the people can subscribe to SMS sending from the organizers, to get updates via SMS. Also, organizers got the opportunity to insert polls into the meeting. Now notice the next meeting will be displayed in the left part of the screen where usually "Vkontakte" signals the birthdays of the user's friends. In the section "My meetings" now, not two buttons decisions, and three - "Just go", "Probably will" and "can't go". In addition, in the window of each of the meetings observed, how many friends a user has already agreed to take part in it. Such a scheme has long been used on Facebook. Another important novelty will probably also borrowed from the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, was the opportunity to share news about the meeting with friends. "In the meetings appeared in the `tell your friends`, which will create a beautiful link to the meeting on the wall and in the News among Your friends," wrote about this feature Durov. In January 2011 Vkontakte has significantly updated the design and many functions available within the social network. In particular, the changes were "My friends", as well as search string and photo albums. In addition, recent photos uploaded by the user, were automatically displayed on the page of his profile. In early February was revised section "privacy Settings", in particular, the user has the opportunity to look at their page through the eyes of the other participants "Vkontakte" or third-party visitors. VKontakte is the largest social network in Russia - according to the counter on the main page, it consists of more than 111 million accounts..

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