Samsung improves the characteristics of the ReRAM memory - Cell phones

Samsung improves the characteristics of the ReRAM memory - Cell phonesResearchers from Samsung proposed a new manufacturing technology chipset memory ReRAM. ReRAM is a non-volatile resistive random-access memory. It is expected that chip of this type will have lower power consumption compared with the widely used flash memory NAND, significantly surpassing last performance. Samsung proposes to refuse the application in ReRAM-chip tantalum film (Ta2O5) and be used as a material that changes resistance, asymmetric two-layer structure of Ta2O5-x/TaO2-x. Because of this, it is argued, can be achieved increasing the number of overwrite cycles to one trillion, which is about a million times more than flash memory. It is noted that the switching time of the cell ReRAM memory Samsung between two States is only 10 nanoseconds, which is also many times higher than the flash memory. In addition, ReRAM-chip win power consumption. To use the new memory type is planned in personal computers, handheld media players, cameras and other gadgets. However, the timing of commercialization of the proposed technology is not reported. Prepared according to PhysOrg..

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