Android phones break more Windows Phone - Cell phones

Android phones break more Windows Phone - Cell phonesSmartphones with Google Android are in the lead in many countries, far ahead of decisions on Windows Phone 7. However, Microsoft has at least one reason for pride devices based on the platform, break much less often. According to the report of the company WDS, studied for a year more than 600 thousand phone calls to tech support, 14% of calls relating to problems with Android devices, refer to technical malfunctions. The same indicator for RIM BlackBerry smartphones was 3.7%, iPhone - 8%, Windows Phone 7 - 9%. High level hardware problems, according to WDS, is associated with a large number of manufacturers producing many Golovanov. Technical control of Apple and RIM are much more rigid, in addition they have a few models. As for Microsoft, it is carefully watched to WP7 phones first wave did not cause any negative reaction from the audience and refused some manufacturers support platform (in particular Chinese). Problems with Android phones vary from vendor to vendor. Someone has a sick place it screens, someone neoglacial for microphones or rechargeable batteries. Besides, Android is committed in the middle and lower segments, why certainly affects the quality of components and materials..

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