The developers of Skype helped Steam - Cell phones

The developers of Skype helped Steam - Cell phonesIn service Steam has replaced the standard voice codec on the new SILK developed and used in Skype. This was reported by the developers of the service Valve. The new codec is automatically available to all Steam users after the upgrade. It can be used for both in-game and cross-game communication. Previously, voice chat is required for operation of the communication channel about 15 kilobits per second, and the new SILK codec uses a system variable compression ratio, so it will need from 8 to 30 kilobits per second. According to the developers of Steam, this will greatly improve the quality of voice communication between players. The SILK codec was designed for Skype, which he used until now. At the moment Skype is registered more than 660 million users. Last update in addition to the new voice codec has also introduced a security feature called Steam Guard, you can bind Steam profile to a specific computer. This will help to avoid unauthorized use of credentials Steam..

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