Apple and Google are reported to senators - Cell phones

Apple and Google are reported to senators - Cell phonesIn the us Senate held hearings in connection with the scandal about the illegal surveillance of customers. Recently it became known that the iPhone and iPad, as well as the smartphone operating system Android record the coordinates and the time of the move of their respective owners. Washington is now trying to decide whether there was thus a violation of the law of privacy. In North America reigns phone mania: senators don't believe the manufacturers of smartphones, emphasizing that users almost defenseless. Each turn of the owner of the iPhone recorded: built-in GPS in your phone or iPad reports about where you are. All data are recorded in a separate file - it's called consolidated.db, and its fate is known to a certain extent: with your device, it will be copied to your computer during the next sync. "Where are his threads?" - ask on Capitol hill. "Don't get me wrong, the very existence of such a service is not bad. I use Google maps and look up the weather forecast on your iPad, but you need to strike a balance. We must fight for the protection of personal data, to transfer them to private companies have been rigorously report," said Senator al Franken. The first excuses manufacturers - disable positioning and do not worry about anything" users rechecked, and the scandal has been provided a new round. The tests suggest that the change settings if nothing is blocking the data on the movements of the owner of the iPhone continue to be preserved and transmitted. And look at the geography of its travel allows a special program, which publish the researchers noticed for iPhone excessive powers of observation. "It's not spying, and technical mistake," you hear an objection, this time from Silicon valley. "Apple is very concerned about the rights of its users. We share the concerns of the Committee regarding the collection and possible leakage of information, especially of a personal nature," says a company representative guy Tribble. In dispute interfere with the main member of Yabloko" Steve jobs: he responds to the letter of the average iPhone owner, who asked to clarify the situation with Apple mobile devices. "Watch?" - asks the author of the letter. The answer is jobs concise: "We don't, but Android just for you spies". "We keep pace with the times and try to keep track of new technologies. Progress does not exempt the company from the obligation to notify users about the possible collection of information and to ensure their protection from abuse," added Jessica rich, Deputy Director of the Bureau of consumer protection. The ending of this scandal is not close, but phone manufacturers are ready to concede: the handset will not store data about your movements more weeks. Before the archive was stored for a year or more. However, the senators do not want to stop, so the phones, it seems now more often will ask the owners: "are you sure You want to know where you are?".

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