The hacker hacked wireless Apple AirPlay technology - Cell phones

The hacker hacked wireless Apple AirPlay technology - Cell phonesData encryption technology Apple AirPlay was hacked American hacker writes Reghardware. This technology is used in particular to transfer music and other content to mobile devices Apple. After it was discovered the encryption key, it has become possible to transfer data to other computers and devices equipped with a wireless communication module Wi-Fi, but does not support AirPlay. As stated by the hacker, hacking ShairPort work on computers on Windows and Mac OS X. For hacking, the hacker used a wireless modem to the AirPort Express. As a result, he created the emulator program that can be used to "give away" files from the iTunes library on your computer or on a portable Apple device to other devices. To download the emulator here. Currently, Apple already has an affiliate program that allows you to certify the AirPlay data. However, with the current crack users will be able not just to listen to music on their devices, but also to relay it without having to use the modem to the AirPort Express..

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