Microsoft releases Kinect for computers - Cell phones

Microsoft releases Kinect for computers - Cell phonesMicrosoft has officially confirmed that they will release this spring development kit (SDK) Kinect for Windows. This was stated by don Mattrick (President of global interactive entertainment) and Craig Mundie (the chief development and strategy) in his statement at the meeting with journalists at the headquarters of Microsoft in Redmond on February 21. The first time the project will be noncommercial in nature. This will give the opportunity to officially use the Kinect with computers running the Windows 7 operating system. Unofficial drivers for the sensor were released by a group of enthusiasts two weeks after the start of sales of the Kinect. After this device was interested programmers, designers and developers of the games, which were subsequently published hundreds of articles and videos with the possible ways to use Kinect for entertainment or for research. Microsoft expects to release an SDK for Kinect, the device will be interested scientists and developers who will be able to develop the idea of contactless interaction with the computer. The Kinect was released by Microsoft as a peripheral for the Xbox 360. It consists of a color camera, depth sensor and multi-microphone and software for skeletal, facial and voice recognition man. Kinect allows you to read the position of the player in space and move his actions to control gameplay. Sensor from Microsoft has become the fastest-selling electronic device in 2010 - for the first two months sold more than eight million Kinect..

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