Facebook will launch a music service - Cell phones

Facebook will launch a music service - Cell phonesAccording to the online version of Forbes magazine, which refers to its well-informed sources, the world's largest social network Facebook in the near future, probably, will launch a new music service. It goes together with Spotify - known online music service. What is the name of the service is still unknown. There are two options - Facebook Music or Spotify on Facebook. Access to it will be available only for users of Facebook from those countries where available and Spotify UK, Norway, Finland, Spain, Sweden, France. To connect Spotify to Facebook service will earn in the United States. Now music service is being tested, the launch should take place in the next two weeks. None of the parties will not receive direct financial benefits from this integration, however, it will have a positive impact on both services. Facebook will finally get a full music service to which he aspires already since 2008. Spotify will get millions of new users, there are millions of potential payments upon activation of paid service 10 Euro per month for unlimited music. Representatives of both parties does not commented on the recent information about their cooperation..

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