Samsung may soon present the first HDD 4 TB - Cell phones

Samsung may soon present the first HDD 4 TB - Cell phonesSamsung has developed the technology to increase the density of data storage on magnetic plates. It is reported that her assistants were able to record on one plate 3.5-inch hard drive 1 TB of information. The company has already created a 2-terabyte hard drive HN-D201RAE with two plates for desktop computers. The drive was included in the "green" series Spinpoint EcoGreen; the speed of rotation of its spindle is 5 400 rpm; for the connection with the computer interface Serial ATA 3.0. Given that the current 3.5-inch disks can have up to four plates, it is obvious that Samsung makes possible the emergence of hard drives up to 4 TB. It is not excluded that such devices will appear before the end of this year. In addition, Samsung has developed a 2.5-inch hard disk drives for laptop computers up to 1 TB, which also has two plates (spindle speed is 5400 rpm). The novelty will go on sale, probably in April..

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