GLONASS and GPS added precision - Cell phones

GLONASS and GPS added precision - Cell phonesOmsk scientists added precision global positioning systems GLONASS and GPS. They have developed equipment allows you to define your coordinates in real time up to a centimeter, and after additional processing of the data - even one millimeter. The new device is already installed at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, where it records the vibrations of the dam. This walk for Alexander Kostyuk - test the new device. With accuracy to the centimeter he paves the route engineer surveyor. The controller transmits a signal to the base station. It is one kilometre away, but gets the coordinates on the field in real time. For most navigators such units are not available: the limit of their accuracy is limited to tens of meters. Developed Omsk scientists devices operating satellites of the GLONASS system directly - unlike foreign devices. "What is the principle of working overseas receivers? They can't handle the data without GPS GLONASS - that is, if for any reason will not be GPS or shrublets its data, GLONASS will not function - grouping of satellites in space is expanded, and the so-called segment users today", - said Andrey Bykov, engineer Laboratory automation surveying in Omsk state agrarian University. Omsk scientists have developed a device for connection of an object on the ground with the base station and the filling station itself. The GLONASS and GPS hold satellites in space, the controller provides smooth operation, the data device allows you to broadcast data on the movements of the object via the Internet, mobile and radio communications or mobile phone. And scientists by and large still, for what object will follow the system: for example, GLONASS can predict an earthquake. "The monitoring of the displacement of tectonic plates - and then volcanologists by monitoring determine how soon will the earthquake, and it is not only prediction, but also eliminate the possible consequences - including disabling important technological objects", - says Sergey Sorokin, Director of the innovative enterprise. Device for communication with the base station and antenna in kilometres away can move with the person: for example, during the surveying can be installed on the tractor or harvester - among farmers is developing so-called precision agriculture. The antenna can be fixed and on the road-building technique - precise coordinates will be laid asphalt perfectly straight. Using the same equipment, it is possible to determine the coordinates of ignitions during wildfires, the leakage in pipelines or the vibrations of a dam for hydroelectric power stations. Omsk has already supplied some of the equipment on the repaired after the accident at Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP..

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