"Akella" will emit shooter "Breach. To raze the" - Cell phones

Multiplayer shooter Breach will be published by Akella, ozaglavivshego his "Breach. Level to the ground". The game was developed and published (in the West) Atomic Games. It was early in the year: January 26, the project appeared on the PC and Xbox 360 systems Steam and Xbox Live, respectively. How much time will it take to localization? - Akella keeps mum, to mention just some sort of "second quarter 2011". Players will be offered to serve the office of special operations for the CIA, which is engaged in the fight against terrorism. Having received arms and uniforms, graduation young men, will go to fight the world's evil. The highlight of the project is the total destruction of all objects. Enemies can be killed by shrapnel, to bring down buildings, to create a makeshift shelter from the wreckage....

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