Amazon is preparing a lineup of Android-devices - Cell phones

Amazon is preparing a lineup of Android-devices - Cell phonesAmazon is working on a whole family of devices with different form factors, operating on the basis of the mobile operating system Google Android. If you believe one of the sources of AndroidAndMe site, largest online retailer, is preparing to release its own smartphone, tablet computer and a television set-top box. According to A&M, we are talking about a tablet with a diagonal of the display 6 and 9.7 inches, at least one smartphone and a device like Google TV, whose platform will be upgraded to Android 3.1 this summer. Given that the Nook Color from Barnes & Noble is the main competitor of the Kindle BookReader - costs about $ 250, 6-inch tablet from Amazon almost certainly be sold at a similar price. Online publication suggests that Amazon sets the price for the color 9.7-inch tablet at the level of around $ 400, and 4-inch smartphone is below $ 200. That Amazon is preparing to debut in the tablet market, it became known at the beginning of this month. DigiTimes reported that Taiwanese Quanta Computer has received an order from Amazon to produce up to 800 thousand tablets per month to start shipping the devices in the second half of this year. Not so long ago, the online retailer launched its own version of Android Market and Amazon App Store..

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