The startup promises a revolution in the production of processors - Cell phones

The startup promises a revolution in the production of processors - Cell phonesStartup SuVolta is ready to announce a revolutionary production technology of computer processors, which will help to halve the energy consumption and prolong the life of the batteries of portable devices. As expected, the first license for a new technology will the unit the Japanese Corporation Fujitsu engaged in the production of semiconductors. A month ago, Intel announced the transition to a new technological process that will allow you to install a larger number of transistors on crystals of silicon chips. The three dimensional structure of transistors, called Tri-Gate, will make more compact, fast and low-voltage circuits. Serial production of advanced 22-nanometer Intel plans to launch by the end of 2011. The founders of SuVolta hope their technology will allow other chipmakers to achieve similar energy savings, but without radical changes in the production process, writes The Wall Street Journal. SuVolta was founded in 2005 under the name DSM Solutions. One of its key employees - technical Director Scott Thompson. He previously held the position of Professor at the University of Florida, and within 12 years participated in the development of technological processes for the production of chips from Intel. According to Thompson, he invented a new way to create transistors that "Ustica" electricity due to the tension between them was reduced to a minimum. To do this, you need to make only minor changes in current manufacturing processes..

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