L. A. Noire retained the lead in the UK charts - Cell phones

L. A. Noire retained the lead in the UK charts - Cell phonesDetective L. A. Noire from Rockstar kept the leading position in the UK charts selling video games. This was reported on the website of the rating Agency GFK Chart Track.On the second place which debuted last week racing game Dirt 3 from Codemasters. Game based on the movie "pirates of the Caribbean Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean came down to the third position, and sports simulator Zumba Fitness has kept the fourth place. On the fifth position went down shooter Brink. Thanks to the price reduction and new kits Wii console in sixth place was the game Wii Sports Resort. Due to the last Champions League final sales rose football simulator FIFA 11 - this allowed him to climb to seventh position. Permanent resident charts Call of Duty: Black Ops was in eighth place, and futuristic shooter Crysis 2 has moved into ninth position. Racing arcade Mario Kart Wii, thanks to a new set of Wii and lower prices, climbed to tenth place..

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