Project Minecraft will be released on smartphones - Cell phones

Project Minecraft will be released on smartphones - Cell phonesGame Minecraft will appear on the first smartphones on the rights exclusive to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. This was reported by the website Gamasutra with reference to the representatives of the Studio Mojang. Earlier in February, the developers of Minecraft stated that working versions of the game for iOS and Android. The official announcement, as well as showing a production version is expected during E3 2011 on June 7. At the moment it is known that for some period of time portable version of Minecraft will be exclusively available on the Xperia Play. The timing of release of the game on iOS and other Android devices are not yet known. Version Minecraft for the Xperia Play is designed to have a smart phone control buttons, a scheme which is similar to the PSP console. Also, the developers have stated previously that the process of the game on a portable device is very different from that on the computer. Therefore, in the mobile versions will be made many changes to the game mechanics and interface. The game Minecraft is developed and distributed by the Swedish Studio Mojang since 2009. The official release date of project scheduled for November 11, 2011. The main aim of the game is interaction with randomly generated world, as well as protection from the local creatures. Feature of Minecraft is the original style of the graphics - the whole world consists of three-dimensional pixels. For two years the game has received many awards for unusual games concept, including at GDC 2011 and IGF 2011. Currently Minecraft is presented in two versions - classic and beta. The second is constantly updated and is paid. In April Mojang has announced that the number of subscribers to the paid version has exceeded 2 million..

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