Game Gray Matter. Ghosts of the subconscious" approach - Cell phones

Game Gray Matter. Ghosts of the subconsciousWent to print localization adventure game Gray Matter. Ghosts of the subconscious". It will come with the original English audio and subtitles. In the normal edition is just the game itself, in a gift - a user manual, soundtrack and poster. The main character, neuroscientist David Stiles, lives in England in a secluded mansion with an expressive name of Dread Hill House (the House on the Hill of Fear). After his wife died tragically, he was locked in four walls and is only concerned with science. The second main character - his assistant, American Samantha Everett. She picks up six volunteers for the experiment, which should prove that some actions can be performed solely by the power of thought. The experiment, however, gives unexpected results is down to the fact that the specter of his dead wife doctor and begin other paranormal phenomena. Now the heroes must understand what reality is and how it relate to our ideas... The interiors in the game is two-dimensional, three-dimensional characters. You can play for both main characters. Promise innovative puzzles. In General, however, the style is reminiscent of old adventure games from Sierra: at the beginning of each stage, we get a number of jobs, and to pass the stage, we randomly execute them all. Mainly have to guess how to use found objects..

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