Members of "Vkontakte" let us to look at ourselves - Cell phones

Members of Users of the social network "Vkontakte" got a chance to look at your page through the eyes of others. About this and other changes in the privacy settings reported in the official blog Vkontakte head of social network Pavel Durov. Under "privacy Settings", the user can see, as you can see its page for people not registered "Vkontakte", or participants in a social network, depending on the status of their relationship with the user. In addition to the overall layout of a page, it is possible to look through the eyes of any particular user "Vkontakte", typing a nickname. Also the user has got the possibility to do part of the published content (photos, videos, notes and so on) available to all, even if the overall setting for the page the user restricts access to it. Separately Durov touched on the privacy settings for status, saying that although it was initially conceived as a public genre, but this property was partially lost after running mode microblog. Durov has promised to make the status (displayed as its own user account on his wall) public during the week. The status will be displayed on the user's page and in the news to its subscribers. "Thus, `Vkontakte` will be able to combine personal communication with friends and family informing subscribers about various shit", - said in the post Durov. VKontakte is the largest social network in Russia, it registered more than 100 million accounts..

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